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What Is My Ex Girlfriend Thinking During No Contact

We met in one other state and have all the time been long distance. So when he graduated, im pondering that we’d lastly get to be together.

Your Ex During No Contact Period

I will not her back of course, and I know she still loves and cares about me. I’m simply nervous about loosing her utterly. I’m going to try every thing this text said to do and hope it really works. But I was wondering if you suppose i was a rebound relationship or if this guy is a rebound relationship. Me and my girlfriend of 9 months simply broke up about 2 weeks in the past.

My Ex Girlfriend Has The Grass Is Greener Syndrome

He was somewhat drunk, so i took care of him. He texted me the subsequent morning and we talked for a bit, the next day i requested him if he wished to see the new Deadpool movie. His response was “maybe” he then mentioned perhaps some area would do us good.


I know your most likely considering it’s as a result of we wants his freedom in school and doesnt need to be tied down, but he is not that kind of man. The reason why he claims to be doing this is because lengthy distance is too onerous for him if we dont have a future together.

  • It seemed to be going nice and he was closely flirting with me, reminiscing and speaking about future plans.
  • He texted me that morning though and we began chatting a bit via textual content and Snapchat for a couple of days, and I requested him to hang out.
  • We hung out at his place and simply watched television and talked.
  • I saw him on the bar that night time with different women and stored my cool going up to him asking how he’d been, then went again into no contact after he ignored my textual content for a day.
  • A couple weeks later I referred to as him in a moment of weakness however he didn’t answer.

​Reason He May Not Come Back: He Loves The Single Life

So honestly I assume he is just getting scared concerning the future because he tends to try this. He has texted me to make sure I was okay and nonetheless needs to be in my life.

How Emotional Pain Can Cause Us To Act “Crazy” In Relationships

And i cant do no contact periods as a result of i can onlyy meet him after 3 days. So me and my ex had been in a protracted read the full post here. distance relationship for 2 years. I was in my career and he was simply finishing up school.

Love Lessons I Learned (The Hard Way) From My Ex

But my bf didnt met her in class their speak remained in online chating. But then then there was a gaggle of my bf’s pals and my pals. We all had been associates however somehoe aur group broke up. We fought and his pals fucked up his mind.

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